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Clinical trials

The Hospital ZOZ Boleslawiec is honored to have been invited to join a select group of research institutions around the world to cooperate in clinical trials with the goal of increasing the chances of curing patients and improving the effectiveness of the therapeutic process in various diseases. The current epidemiological situation is a challenge for medicine and create the need to discover an effective treatment as soon as possible and to develop therapeutic guidelines, not only for SARS-COV-2 infection, but also for the treatment of various acute and chronic diseases.

The site, with 300 hospital beds (including over 120 beds dedicated to patients with COVID 19 called “covid wards”), has a thriving local laboratory,( including central lab service), a team with skills to cooperate the current forms of data collection (e CRF, remote monitoring) and a committed hospital pharmacy, where all procedures are conducted according to the ICH GCP E6 R2 principles. Those activities are supported by our radiological department working 24/7 with a full diagnostic system (X-ray, TK, and MRI).

Currently, the hospital is conducting clinical studies in COVID 19, in which study teams are consisting of experienced doctors, study nurses and coordinators. Full assistance is provided by the clinical trials activation team, with very fast legal service.

The ZOZ Boleslawiec is open for further development in clinical trials through the operations of inpatient departments and outpatient clinics. CROs and Sponsors of clinical studies willing to cooperate are kindly asked to contact the hospital clinical trials activation team.

Clinical Trials Activation Team

Danuta Rodkiewicz, MD. MSc – Proxy of the Hospital Director re. Clinical Trials

Phone: +48 697 93 35 35